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New Kid on the Ad Block – Social Media

“Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. In the digital age one ad comes after the other ad. Days are gone when one ad was for the mass. If you put an ad on the print media & TVC, one could get the feedback as how many people have seen the ad. […]

Social Media’s Ladder to Acceptance

If someone told you in the early 1990’s that in the near future with a few lines or with a few hash tags in a webpage with the help of internet you could start a revolution. At first you might have a laugh about it & you might also think the person might be a […]

Advertising in Geographical India

In late 1970’s & 80’s Indian advertisers used to think about mostly upcoming urban market & brands had few medium for advertisements. At that time many brands & advertiser knew that major purchasing power was within the upcoming urban market due to high literacy level as comparing to literacy level of rural India. In the […]