Documentary Production Company in Mumbai, India

The best videos stand for something unique. At MediaGaadi we produce compelling documentaries and films for assorted range of brands.

We pride in positioning ourselves as the original storytellers.

Documentaries are the most powerful source of storytelling and marketing tool available in the box. The ever-increasing trend of harnessing the power of documentaries has never been noisier. Brands, services, organizations, NGOs, corporates and governments want to be bold and tell a story.

This is exactly the reason why we believe it has become extremely important to be original. We, at MediaGaadi, explore research, observe, produce and narrate these stories. We make sure that while exploring these stories, we use the most authentic and credible source to rise above the dissonance in the market. Authentic, fresh and innovative storytelling is the need of the hour and we producer documentary films which meet these standards perfectly.


We have worked with several brands and broadcasters in India and beyond to create diverse campaigns on diverse platforms. Whether they are eye-catching digital hits, to character driven cinema and television serials, we have covered all the sectors. As a matter of working principle, we try to get to the heart of brands and dig out the reason behind their existence and why it matters, thereby telling stories through authentic, original and path-breaking documentary films offering new and fresh perspectives.

Our documentary films provide power to the brands to rise above the clichés, attracting and enticing audiences in a credible manner.

Professionally we have worked with several production houses and campaigns creating countless short and long-form documentaries on subjects like history, sport, music, adventure and travel. We flourish on discovering fascinating people with fascinating stories. Storytelling remains centric to our philosophy and it is clearly visible in all our productions.

We never compromise on the quality. Whether you are itching to tell a story in the context of a broader movement, or intend on capturing the journey from a heartbeat moment along the way, we never negotiate on the uniqueness and originality of your identity.

We also produce feature documentary films that investigate the genesis of cultural history and movements. Our expertise in filmmaking helps to give brands a breath of fresh air against these unchartered territories. Eventually brands, services and products cannot be dissociated from their cultures get shaped by and help to shape and here’s why we believe the best brand stories need to be told.

Interested In Working With Us?


Interested In Working With Us?