Through a synchronized multi-channel approach, we activate brands by executing outstanding ad campaigns, sponsorships, experiential marketing, and event management activities. Our ambitious and dedicated team promotes quality over quantity. Having represented many leading brands, we are one have become a very competitive brand promotion company.

MediaGaadi helps brands, product and organizations to capture and seize the essence of who they really are, through the means of branding. To make sure your brand is clearly recognizable and appropriately valued in the marketplace, we help fit the business vision and mission with strategic and creative branding skills.

We are extremely proficient and adept at creating a new brand right from the stage of its ideation. We relish challenges and when it comes to branding we work right from a blank paper to a successful campaign. We have dual experience of supporting established businesses entering a new sector with a new brand; and of bringing to life the vision of ambitious entrepreneurs with an ideology to make investment in branding at the outset for increasing their chances of success.

There are examples of many companies who have been successful in their business but have not taken in their brand on this journey. We have experience in carrying out brand audits to examine the existing brand assets before revamping and generating an effective brand development exercise to bring your brand in line with your business.

Rebranding should never be looked from the perspective of a design led process in order to avoid it becoming a cosmetic activity. Rebranding should be done with transparent business goals and clear cut policy i.e. to meet growth targets, enter new markets or change the direction of business. A large part of our agency is to work with our clients in helping them with the best possible way to rebrand and change direction.

We are masters in designing a brand that aligns with your corporate identity. Across both B2B and B2C markets, we have worked with multitude sectors and diverse clients in designing their brands. Our entire creative portfolio is based on grounds of solid brand evaluation so that we understand the essence of what you are and what you stand for.

We do not believe in offering a selection of designs and asking you to choose one. We design definite routes to set the course of action and then work on the designed route to find the maximum marketplace impact.


Looking for an advertising agency in Mumbai to build a powerful strategy for your brand? We will imbibe the internal and external truths around your brand and bring them to life in a creative and convincing way.
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Event Management

Irrespective of the stage, we at MediaGaadi always step in to make things smooth and efficient for you. Right from the beginning, we join you to make sure your event runs effortlessly from conceptualization to execution stage. Our aim is not to become yet another event management company in India, but to get right under the skin of your brand and exceed the expectations
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Public Relation

We are a public relations agency creating and leading campaigns globally. We help clients to communicate in a better way and drive boundaries. Our expertise are pan Indian and global. So, we never remain static.
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We offer brand promotions, both online and offline. Our personalized services and cognitive understanding of client expectations delivers effective campaigns that are planned to perfection. Building a strong brand identity doesn’t happen overnight. That’s how we invest time and talent in making branding and promotion work in tandem to achieve desired results.
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Interested In Working With Us?